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2460 Harvest Lane
Springfield Oregon 97477


Cowboy competition SASS focused firearm parts.  The finest custom firearms parts for the cowboy action competitive shooter internationally recognized as SASS. 


Introducing our Competition Ready

Stoeger Double Trigger 12 gauge Shotgun!


Stoeger Single Action Shotgun!

Our “Stoeger Standard” is competition ready!

It comes in a 12 gauge, 20” blued double barrel, with a checkered walnut stock, and will have a custom PGW action job.

Cost: $715.00 (and $30 shipping plus any insurance if requested)

 Our custom action job will include the following:

The chambers will be honed.

The chamber opening will be radiused for easier round loading and unloading.

The shotgun will be tuned to allow for easier loading and unloading.

The thumb lever will be tuned.

The automatic safety will be dis-engaged.

Stainless steel firing pins will also be installed.

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Our “Stoeger Supreme” is also range ready !

Much like our “Standard” the “Supreme” also is 12 gauge, 20” barrel, and comes with a custom PGW action job. The “Supreme” also has your choice of a blued, nickel, or two tone barrel as well as “Grade A” checkered walnut stock.

Cost: $739.00 (and $30 shipping plus any insurance if requested)


If there's something specific you're looking for, call us. 
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