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Cowboy competition SASS focused firearm parts.  The finest custom firearms parts for the cowboy action competitive shooter internationally recognized as SASS. 



COLT 1872 deringer, MODEL NO. 4

Brand New, Old Stock Colt Deringers
These are brand new .22 short caliber deringers manufactured by Colt in the 1950s & 1960s, with "Colt" stamped on the barrels. They were last sold by Butler and IAR in the 1970s, then stored in original condition for over forty years. They include the original box, packaging material, and brochure that they were last sold with. There are a limited number of these collector guns, and when they're gone, they're gone, and will never be manufactured with the Colt name on the barrel again. They are available in gold or nickel plating and, because of their age, there can be some pitting or other minor flaws in the plating. The only place you can buy one is here. Call for information or to place an order. 

$200.00 + $15.00 shipping. 


History of the Colt 1872 Deringer

In 1870 a new deringer, which had a side-swinging barrel complete with an ejector, was patented by Colt employee, F. Alexander Thuer. Colt introduced this deringer in 1872 using .41 caliber rim fire cartridges. Production of the Colt Deringer continued until 1912, when the small caliber automatic pistol replaced the deringer in popularity. In 1959, Colt reintroduced its 1872 deringer as the Model No. 4. It was chambered for the .22 caliber short cartridge which is both inexpensive and widely available today. 

Colt Sells Existing Inventory and Manufacturing Rights to Butler

In the early 1970s, Butler bought all existing inventory of the 1872 deringers from Colt along with the manufacturing rights, with the stipulation that the Colt name could not be stamped onto any parts that were not manufactured by Colt. Butler deringers were sold with "Butler" and "1872 Deringer" stamped on the barrels, but there was a significant amount of original Colt stamped barrels included in the purchase. Also included were blueprints, manufacturing and assembly fixtures, brochures, boxes, presentation cases, and other items and accessories.

General U.S. Grant, SASS #2, Purchases Remaining Inventory

In the late 1970s, Butler went out of business, and Boyd Davis (U.S. Grant) purchased the remaining inventory of parts, fixtures, and all manufacturing rights from Butler and added them to his personal collection of guns and shooting memorabilia. The deringers remained in his collection until his passing.

Family Inheritance

Upon Gen. Grants passing, his daughter and son-in-law, Kelty LaRocco (Miss Annie Odem) and John LaRocco (Johhny Jingos), inherited the entire inventory of 1872 Deringers and all included materials from the Davis estate. They recently asked if we could help market these deringers to the cowboy action community, as SASS members would most appreciate owning a piece of the General's personal gun collection.

There are a few hundred deringers available with the original Colt barrels on them, and when they're gone, they will be gone forever. Some are gold plated, some are nickel plated, and some are black. We will be offering all variations of these little guns, as well as display cases and other accessories. These will be released in the coming weeks and months, so check back often.

Will Shootem and the Pioneer Gun Works gang.


These firearms must be serialized to be sold and currently the original serializing machine is under repair.

Due to this NO deringers are available at this time. Once things are repaired they will be available again!

Our gunsmith is available for questions on these! Ask about his wait list.

These Deringers must be shipped to an FFL.

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