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2460 Harvest Lane
Springfield Oregon 97477


Cowboy competition SASS focused firearm parts.  The finest custom firearms parts for the cowboy action competitive shooter internationally recognized as SASS. 

Gun Maintenance

Gun Maintenance

Machine Gunner's Lube

This stuff was designed for use in machine guns, and in extreme weather conditions. This is very high end lube, and it stays where it's put! I've tested it in my guns, and after months of use, the Machine Gunner's Lube is still in place and doing its job.

Machine Gunner's Lube


Stoeger Spanner Wrench

Stop using a hammer and punch to remove and tighten the firing pin collars on your Stoeger shotgun. Use our spanner wrench instead. Works like a charm!

Stoeger Spanner Wrench




Screw, Action Spring
These screws are used to fasten the lever and lifter arm springs to the receiver. They have metric threads to fit Uberti screws. American made and case hardened.

Screw, Carbine Barrel Band
These screws are designed by us and made for us right here in the USA. They areheat treated to withstand multiple disassemblies and reassemblies and still look new. They will fit Uberti barrel bands, as well as our own Speed-Sight barrel bands.

Screw, Lever
This screw is used to fasten the lever to the receiver. One required per rifle. American made and case hardened.

Side Plate Screw
This screw is used to fasten the side plates to the receiver.


$4.50 per screw

$13.50 - '66 Screw Set (Set consists of 1-'66 lever screw, 2-action spring screws.)

$18 - '73 Screw Set (Set consists of 1-lever screw, 1-side plate screw, and 2-action spring screws.)

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