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2460 Harvest Lane
Springfield Oregon 97477


Cowboy competition SASS focused firearm parts.  The finest custom firearms parts for the cowboy action competitive shooter internationally recognized as SASS. 

Misc & Etc.

Miscellaneous & Replacement Parts


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Uberti Lever & Lifter Springs

1866, 1873, Henry $21 each

Left or Right Side

Uberti Mainspring 1866, 1873, Henry, Chaparral $25 each

In Stock!


Stock Extractors

1873 & 1866

Small & Large Calibers

$28.50 each

Extractor Caliber & Model

Short Stroke Kit Parts

Toggles for Short Stroke Kits


Special Length Toggle Links/Kits---for headspace correction, available in +.005, +.010, -.005, -.010. Other sizes available upon request--Call us for details ---$124 toggle pairs or $185 full kit

A few Winchester-Miroku Special Toggles are still available—Call us!!

Lifter Arms for Short Stroke Kits


Lifter Arms Only--For Short Stroke Kits---(must be paired with same model toggle links to work correctly)---$62 each

Need a Miroku lifter arm? Call us to check inventory!!

Other Parts…


Stock Uberti Main Spring Screw

$4.45 each

Hardened Mainspring Screw

$6.50 each

Screw Type

Tension Rods for Coil Mainspring Kit $2 ea.

Extra Length Firing Pin & Spring

Pin Only @ $15 each

Spring Only @ $5.00 each


Coil Mainspring Kit Parts ('66 or '73)--

Spacers @ $0.50 each,

Bearings @ $6 each,

Set Screws @ $0.50 each,

Heavy(blue) or Light(red) springs @ $8.00 each

Parts Available

Leather Wraps (1 of each available)

5” Dark Brown Marlin Leather Wrap @ $25

6 1/2” 1895 SBL Standard Tan Leather Wrap @ $25


If there's something specific you're looking for, call us.

Maybe we have it on hand or know where to get it.