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Cowboy competition SASS focused firearm parts.  The finest custom firearms parts for the cowboy action competitive shooter internationally recognized as SASS. 

Short Stroke Kits

Short Stroke Kits Redesigned

Redesigned Super Short Stroke Kit

Super Short Stroke Kit

Super Short Stroke Kit

When you make the best selling short stroke kits on the market, it's tough to improve on them, but we found a way. We redesigned our Super Short Stroke Kit again. This time, we added material to the bottom of the rear link arm to close in the channel, adding strength. We also modified the channel to eliminate the "hump" that could be felt when levering slowly. The result is the smoothes, strongest super short stroke kit on the market.


Each Kit Has Installation

Each kit consists of right and left toggle link assemblies, a new lifter arm, and illustrated installation instructions. If you can disassemble and reassemble your rifle, you should be able to install your own short stroke kit

Each part is inspected as it comes off the machine, and final assembly and packaging is done by us. From design, to manufacture, to assembly, all work is done in house, on our machines by our people. It's this total control of the process, from design to packaging, that makes our kits the most consistently high quality short stroke kits that money can buy. You can count on it.


Our short stroke kits are designed using the latest solid model engineering software.This software allows us to build a virtual model of the part being designed on the monitor screen, assemble it to other parts, and move it through it's range of motion to test it's function before any metal is cut. It's pretty amazing stuff!