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Cowboy competition SASS focused firearm parts.  The finest custom firearms parts for the cowboy action competitive shooter internationally recognized as SASS. 


A Word about Fitment of our Uberti Competition Rifle Parts

The parts that we have designed for use in Uberti made Model 1866 & 1873 rifles are designed (for the most part) for rifles made after 2000. However, there are also some rifles made by Uberti back in the 1980s and 1990s that our parts will work in also. Uberti made some of those older rifles differently than the newer rifles, and that affects the fitment of some of our competition rifle parts in those rifles. For example, Navy Arms model 1866 carbines (made by Uberti) have internal dimensions that prohibit our short stroke kits, carriers, and many other PGW parts  from working in those rifles. So, if you have an older Uberti rifle and want to know if our parts will fit, give us a call and we may be able to tell you over the phone if they will work.

Remember, you can always return any parts for refund or exchange, provided the parts have not been modified in any way, and are in like new condition. 

Pioneer Gun Works Performance Parts for Uberti Model 1873 or 1866 Rifles

New Action Springs

Here at Pioneer Gun Works, we have developed a brand new concept in light weight springs for your Uberti model 1873 or model 1866 rifle's lever and lifter arm.  Our "Action Springs" are a high tech 21st century improvement  for a 19th century design. 

While the piano wire type springs have been an improvement over the stock Uberti springs, they are a hassle to install and adjust for the proper feel. That's because bending wire to a specific shape while maintaining a high level of  dimensional and geometric precision isn't possible. 

What we have done, was to machine a mounting base and  pivot arm from high strength steel, attaching them together with a hardened steel dowel pin at the hinge point, and used a tensioning rod to apply the correct amount of tension to give you a light lever feel while assuring positive function. Once installed, spring tension does not fade, the spring assemblies do not move, and there is no fitting or adjusting to do. And the mounting bases are tapped with the correct metric thread, so they will accept your Uberti screws or our heat treated screws.
  Our Action Springs are the highest quality, most precise springs that you can buy for your rifle's lever and lifter arm tensioning needs.

  Our Action Springs are designed for use with PGW short stroke kits. Installation of Action Springs with NON-PGW lifter arm will require modification to that lifter arm.