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We now have parts for the new Winchester Model 73 rifles!

Here at Pioneer Gun Works, we're always looking to improve our product line and add new products for cowboy action shooters that will keep us on the cutting edge of product development.

We've been testing and shooting the new Miroku made Winchester 73s since May 2013, and find them to be a very well made rifle. In fact, our opinion is that they are superior to Uberti rifles in fit, finish, and overall quality. They cost a little more, but are worth it. That being said, there are a few things that, in our opinion, are in need of improvement for competition rifles. One of those is the carrier block, and the other is the firing pin extension. The carrier does not work with our short stroke kit, and ejection is hampered by it's design. All of the safety devices on the firing pin extension reduces reliability and impedes performance. So, we set out to improve on these parts' designs.

Introducing PGW's New Competition Parts for Winchester Model 73 Rifles

Winchester short stroke kit

Our new Winchester short stroke kit will reduce the lever throw to the same as our Super Short Stroke Kit. The short stroke kit sells for $170.00, and must be installed with our aluminum carrier, which is priced at $60.00.
Our Winchester short stroke kit will not work with Winchester's carrier.

Winchester Light Firing Pin Extension

Our new Winchester light firing pin extension replaces the stock firing pin extension with all of the safety devices, improving performance and reliability of your rifle. It is priced at $40.00.

Introducing PGW's New Action Springs

Here at Pioneer Gun Works, we have developed a brand new concept in light weight springs for your model 73 or model 66 rifle's lever and lifter arm.  Our Action Springs are a high tech 21st century improvement  for a 19th century design. 

While the piano wire type springs have been an improvement over the stock Uberti springs, they are a hassle to install and adjust for the proper feel. That's because bending wire to a specific shape while maintaining a high level of  dimensional and geometric precision isn't possible. 

What we have done, was to machine a mounting base and  pivot arm from high strength steel, attaching them together with a hardened steel dowel pin at the hinge point, and used a tensioning rod to apply the correct amount of pressure to give you a light lever feel while assuring positive function. Once installed, spring tension does not fade, the spring assemblies do not move, and there is no fitting or adjusting to do. And the mounting bases are tapped with the correct metric thread, so they will accept your Uberti screws or our heat treated screws.

Our Action Springs are the highest quality, most precise springs that you can buy for your rifle's lever and lifter arm tensioning needs.


Available now for $60.00 a pair.

Due to the high volume of bullet orders, deliveries of bullets could take up to five weeks.

Free Shipping on all Bullet Orders!

Pioneer Gun Works Teams Up With
Badman Bullets

We are pleased to announce that Badman Bullets are now available through our website. We've just added  a selection of cowboy caliber bullets to our online store and a new page has been added to our website to show the bullets that are available.

We have been asked many times to recommend a high quality bullet that will feed well through the custom rifles that we build and have a high degree of accuracy as well. Badman Bullets easily meets both of those requirements. 

Bullet purchases will not count toward our regular free shipping for orders over $200.00.

Stronger & Smoother Super Short Stroke Kit

It's been considered common knowledge up until now that a shorter lever throw resulted in a stiffer action. That is no longer true. We have recently re-engineered our super short stroke kit to make it just as smooth as our standard short stroke kit! So, there is no longer a trade off between length of lever throw and smoothness of operation.  It can be used with confidence in 45s as well as 38s.

We've also strengthened the rear toggle link by closing in the open end of the channel that the lever pin rides in. These changes make our Super Short Stroke Kit the smoothest and strongest that you can buy!

Improved Aluminum Carrier

We've modified our small caliber aluminum carriers to make it easy to reload over the top. When you have a stage where you need to reload your rifle, simply open the lever, grab your reload round from your belt, place it on top for the carrier, push down, and close the lever. There's no need to reload through the gate. Reloading over the top is much faster!


New Products


Model 97 Six Round Conversion Kits

We have available a new kit that will allow your model 1897 shotgun to hold six rounds instead of  five. That's what you need if you're going to shoot in the new Wild Bunch category! Easy to install, and it comes with installation instructions.

Model 97 Six Round Conversion Kit - $30.00


We have added more new products to our line of competition parts, improved some old favorites, and we have more new products in development. Here's a peek at what we're up to at PGW:

This is the first of our new line of American made, hardened screws made for model 66 & 73 rifles. These are barrel band screws that will fit Uberti made carbine barrel bands, and our own Speed-Sight barrel bands.

These are our new extra length firing pins. They are .015" longer than the Uberti made firing pins, and are a drop in replacement. They come with a shorter, lighter spring, and sell for 25% less than our competitors' firing pins. 

We now have light weight firing pin extensions for model 1866 rifles and carbines. They come in two styles. One is for 66s made before January 2008, and one for 66s made after January 2008. 

Our rifle Speed Sights now come in two heights: The standard .410" height that works well with the Uberti rear sights that came on your rifle, and the new .500" height, that some shooters like to pair with tang mounted peep sights.

Also new to our lineup is a stainless steel magazine spring for 38 caliber Marlins. 

Our leather lever wraps will cushion your hand when the shooting gets fast!

These leather butt covers will keep your butt where it belongs - firmly planted against your shoulder. Available for rifles and carbines.

Need some place to stash your ammo or empty brass? This belt mounted pouch is just the ticket.

With warm weather coming in a few months, this high quality canvas belt will keep your belly cool, and make you look cool too!

Here's a picture of our Marlin one piece firing pin kit. These come from Longhunter Shooting supply, and are of the highest quality. They come with a light weight hammer spring and a light weight lever plunger spring. 

Here's a pretty cool tool if you shoot a Stoeger shotgun. This little spanner wrench is about three inches long, and is used to remove those little threaded collars that hold the firing pins in place. Put away that hammer and punch and pick up one of these little beauties.

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